Master of the Art Alex

“Art is hard work and takes time,” Alex reminds the class as a student notices the clock chime. Alex encourages his art students to be creative and expressive during his first foray into teaching others.

With the support of his Kinsight Employment Facilitator, Alex is keen on trying more opportunities that let him express his passion for art, and he hopes to accomplish his personal career goals in the field.

Over the summer, Alex held a series of workshops where students would clay-sculpt “Owl Brown” and “Squirrel Nutkin” characters from the Peter Rabbit books. “The first workshop went so well, everyone has huge smiles on their faces,” Sheryl, supervisor of the Community Inclusion Programs, remarks, describing Alex’s initial sculpting class. “He did a really good job.” He went on to lead a painting workshop where the students were able to colour and detail their figurines.

Alex’s love and enthusiasm for art inspire us to think about and celebrate Community Inclusion Month, reminding us to lift up others around you to pursue their passion to new heights.

If you would like to attend one of Alex’s workshops, you can keep up to date with all our events on our calendar: here.

If you would like to view more of Alex’s art, check out his website. 

Check out some of the pictures from Alex’s workshop below!