Maximizing Real Estate to Create Affordable, Engaging Spaces

Kinsight is one of a few locally based non-profit organizations with space we own and operate.  We have 17 properties that include housing, space for services, and offices.

We are leveraging the value of our real estate to provide more for our community and to address issues with some of our properties, including facilities that are aging, no longer meet people’s needs or are under-utilized.

Our goal is to repurpose some of our real estate to create shared space that will draw communities in, extend services out, and develop more engaging relationships between people we serve and their neighbours.  


We are working to promote more affordable and accessible housing that supports a range of independence over time – providing choices for people to live on their own, with others, or with support as needed.  


Our Partners

Additionally, we are partnering with other non-profits, Catalyst Community Developments, developers and municipalities who share our commitment to build diversity and greater inclusion within our communities. Together, we have three projects in Port Moody and Coquitlam that are at different stages of the approval process. They include the proposed Tri-Cities Children’s Centre, which is part of a larger development that includes housing units and Kinsight’s head office, as well as two condominium developments – one on St. George Street in Port Moody, and another on Como Lake and Clarke streets in Coquitlam.