Maximizing Real Estate to Create Affordable, Engaging Spaces

Kinsight is one of a few locally based non-profit organizations with space we own and operate.  Our properties include housing, space for services, and offices.

We are partnering on a number of housing initiatives that are currently under development or recently completed, including:

  • The Springs – A new mixed-use development under construction in Port Moody. The Springs represents a partnership between Inlet United Church, Catalyst Community Developments Society and Kinsight. The development features 55 affordable rental units including four units for up to six people served through Kinsight. The Springs also features the Tri-Cities Children’s Centre, a joint initiative between Kinsight and SHARE Family and Community Services.
  • George — Kinsight is partnering with Marcon, another socially conscious developer, and BC Housing on the George in Port Moody.  The George, partially built on a former Kinsight-owned property, features six units for up to nine people served through Kinsight. Residents who lived in the Kinsight-owned home prior to construction moved into the new development in early 2021.
  • 567 Clarke & Como – Marcon, Kinsight and BC Housing have also come together for the 567 Clarke & Como development in Coquitlam. Kinsight has six units – for up to nine people – in the inclusive community that opened in 2022.
  • Bayrock Terrace – In partnership with Aultrust Financial, the 3000 Henry development will feature a 1,600 square-foot unit that includes a two-bedroom home with two separate, adjacent lock off studios. The flexible space creates options for people we serve to live on their own, with others or with varying levels of support. The Kinsight unit is one of nearly 175 homes in the inclusive community.

By leveraging the value of our real estate and partnering with socially minded developers, we are able to create more affordable and accessible housing that supports a range of independence over time.

Our goal is to create shared space that will draw communities in, extend services out, and develop more engaging relationships between people we serve and their neighbours and community.