We’re proud of the work we’ve done and the relationships we’ve built over the years. While we know our work has improved the lives of the people we support, we are aware that there is much more work to be done to have truly inclusive and welcoming communities. Innovative ideas need to be tested and changes need to be made in order realize our vision. We can’t focus on services alone, and we can’t think about community without thinking about our role in relation to everyone around us.

So, while we are proud, we are not satisfied.  We have an ambitious set of strategic initiatives that will move us well beyond the traditional range of services offered today.

Affordable & Accessible Housing

Kinsight is one of a few locally based non-profit organizations with space we own and operate.  We have 17 properties that include housing, space for services, and offices.

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Research & Development

Research and Development isn’t something that you hear about very often in social service organizations.  In fact, almost not at all.  But at Kinsight, this has been a strong focus in the last few years.

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Tri-Cities Children's Centre

Kinsight is partnering to establish the Tri-Cities Children’s Centre as part of a larger development that will take place at the existing site of St. Andrew’s United Church of Port Moody, pending approval.*

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Through Kudoz, people in the community act as hosts and share their interests and skills with individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Building Caring Communities

The Building Caring Communities initiative helps create opportunities for people with disabilities to broaden and deepen their experiences in community, to find and maintain friendships, and to become less socially isolated and more personally resilient.

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