We support adults of all ages throughout the community in a number of ways, including help to gain access to housing and secure employment. Our team works closely with people to increase their participation in the community, meet new people, learn and explore new interests. We also provide information and support to family members.  

Employment Services

Our employment services group works with employees and employers to […]

Community Inclusion

We seek out and facilitate opportunities for people to fully […]


We offer people choices in a variety of affordable, accessible […]

Community Outreach

We assist people living in the community to maintain and […]

Shared Living

Kinsight fosters connections between Shared Living Providers and individuals with […]

Skill Development

We offer time-limited, goal-oriented support in the development of new […]


LIFE (Learning, Inclusion, Friendship, Employment) supports for participants interested in employment and […]

Individual and Family Support

We work together with adults with intellectual disabilities and their […]