From homes, to schools, to community centres, businesses and beyond, you’ll find members of the Kinsight team working alongside people in community every day.  In a world where everyone’s welcome, everyone belongs, everywhere, there are abundant opportunities for people to work with, play with, and welcome each other.  Sometimes community members need a little help to do this.


Family to Family, Person to Person

Families and people served have a wealth of information and experience that they often wish to share with one another. There are many ways that family members, youth and adults come together, including through support and networking meetings, workshops, individual and collective advocacy and telling their stories. A connection to their voices and experiences may be all that you need from us.

Serving Food at the Farm


Employers need employees and sometimes they need help connecting to people that might like to work for them. Support is provided to help assess fit for a job and develop strategies to provide on the job training and coaching.


Community Organizations

Many people reach out to us for information to better support people they know, whether through the library, parks and recreation programs, for people providing services to new immigrants or to families needing child care. Kinsight has people you can talk to. We can provide direct support or give you information about where you might receive it.


Health, Education & Social Service Professionals

We work with people in the health care and education system every day. Together, we strive to address the priorities of families and people served. We listen to what is important to them and we work together to coordinate related services.


Community Connections

Kinsight supports youth to be involved in community activities, promotes the development of relationships through our Community Connectors and Community Inclusion services and seeks out activities for people to be included in. You can contact us, or we may contact you. Often all people need is an introduction and a chance to get to know someone and discover and share interests.