3000 Henry development helps advance Kinsight’s affordable and accessible housing strategy

Kinsight is partnering on another innovative development in Port Moody. The 3000 Henry project, developed by Aultrust Financial, includes nearly 175 units that will be home to a wide range of residents, from first time home buyers to families to seniors.

The inclusive development includes a 1,600 square foot multi-use space for Kinsight. The unit creates flexible options including a two-bedroom home with two separate but adjacent lock-off studios. The adaptable space provides options for the people we serve – to live on their own, with others or with varying levels of support.

“3000 Henry is an excellent example of how organizations can come together to create a development that is affordable and inclusive, welcoming all citizens,” explains Christine Scott, Kinsight CEO.

Kinsight is grateful to work with Aultrust and the City of Port Moody on this important development. The 3000 Henry project is the latest in a series of Kinsight partnerships designed to further our affordable and accessible housing strategy (read more). Other developments underway are:

  • The Springs – four Kinsight units in partnership with Inlet United Church and Catalyst Community Development Society
  • George – six Kinsight units in collaboration with Marcon and BC Housing
  • 567 Clarke & Como – six Kinsight units in partnership with Marcon and BC Housing