We’re 70! Celebrating our founders and the community that continues to help shape our future

Kinsight is celebrating 70 years of service! Our official 70th anniversary is September 24, 2024, but we plan to honour our rich history throughout the year.

Through 2024, we will pay tribute to the families, people, services and partners who have helped to create accessible, welcoming and inclusive communities.

We are proud of our long-standing leadership role in developing significant programs and services for our region – from co-founding Inclusion BC (1955) to pioneering an Infant Development program (1965) to introducing the transition to adulthood pilot program (2000). This is a small sampling of our dozens of stand-out moments and while we will resist the urge to share the lengthy list in this message, we do want to recognize one other important date: June of 2017 when we changed our name to Kinsight.

Founded in 1954 by parents who wanted something different for their children, their families and their community, “Kin” reflects those families, extended family and community members and “sight” emphasizes their vision – a world where Everyone’s welcome. Everyone belongs. Everywhere.

Our name speaks volumes about our history and the foresight of our founders. It is an acknowledgement of the parents who gathered with a vision for their children’s futures and a commitment to creating a community that embraces everyone. It is our honour to ensure that the legacy of our founding families continues to grow, and together with families, friends and our partner agencies we continue to strive to advance our vision.

As we reflect on some of the moments that helped shape Kinsight over the past 70 years, we hope you will share some of the stories and experiences that have stood out for you. Reach out to us at We look forward to celebrating with you!