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Now and Next


Kinsight is delighted to offer the award-winning Now and Next Workshops for the second time in Canada! Join us for this […]

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We promote options and opportunities for people to have meaningful relationships and fulfilling lives. We’re Kinsight (formerly Simon Fraser Society) and we work alongside families of children, youth and adults with developmental delays or disabilities to support growth, development and personal well-being.


At Home

Collaborating With Parents On Family Goals

For Neda’s family, immigrants from Afghanistan, their time in Canada has been filled with a series of blessings and challenges. The parents and their three children, ages 2 to 15 years old, have lived in New Westminster for five years…




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At Work

Temporary Job Turns Into Permanent Position

Alex takes a great deal of pride in his work, but he knows that his job represents much more than a pay cheque.  At 21 years old, Alex’s work ethic is mature beyond his years.

Alex has been working as a shipper-bolt assembler at Pacific Bolt…

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In Your Neighbourhood

Building Confidence Through Connections

When Julian first met Angie, her social circle was limited to her immediate family.  Angie’s outings primarily consisted of visits to the pharmacy and shopping for groceries – both of which were steps from the home she shared with her mother. Angie described…

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